How to launch your app

Before launching your app in the Apple Store or Google play store, you need to go through the app submission process. Following app store guidelines while optimizing your app's profiles in the stores can be challenging if this is your first time launching an app, but don't worry! The Shoppy team is here to help you step by step throughout the process.

Step 1: Complete out all information in "App Listing" on your Shopify Dashboard. Find it by going to Settings > Store Data. Also make sure that there is content in your Homepage & Catalogue.

Step 2: Create your Apple & Google Developer Accounts. We ask that you always create a Business / Enterprise account; it is essential that you do not create a personal developer account. Make sure you accept the Terms & Conditions!

Step 3: Invite us on your stores at as an administrator.

We will take it from there!

Note: If you prefer, we can also simply upload your apps on our developer store. There is no charge to you! Mumble SRL will be listed on the app store's description in the app stores.

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