Newsletter Subscription

This widget allows you to encourage your app visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. You can enter the title, or the call to action for your widget, a description, and set the color for the "Subscribe" button.

To set it up, head to Settings >App Settings and scroll down to Newsletter Subscription, and click Enable. By clicking on Actions > Customize you can choose the text to be displayed on the subscription checkbox label. Click save to record save your updated settings.

Then, go to "App Builder", and remaining on the Homepage tab, scroll down and click on the +Add Widget button and select Newsletter Subscription. Once added to your list of widgets, you can then go to Actions, "Customize widget" to insert a unique widget title, description, and choose a background color. Click save to register your changes.

Customizing your Newsletter Subscription Widget

You can design or customize your widget's:

  • Title

  • Text description

  • Select a background color for your newsletter subscription

  • Choose whether or not to have a border

  • Insert a photo, and choose from a preset aspect ratio or create your own

  • Add margins, and choose whether to use a preset size or set your own

See our example of how you can design your Newsletter Subscription Widget:

Publishing your Newsletter Subscription Widget

You can also choose to publish (show in) or hide your widget in specific markets. To show the widget in a market, click "Show in" under Markets, then select the regions or countries of your choose from the drop down menu. Click "Hide in" under Markets, then select the areas where your widget should not be shown to only hide the widget from one or more locations of your choice.

You may also schedule when your widgets should appear and disappear by clicking the toggle next to "Schedule". From there, you can select the start date and time from the calendar, then click "Apply". Do the same for the end date, and make sure to save your changes!

Please note that widgets' timezone release are based on the timezone of your Shoppy Dashboard.

Here's how to set it up on your Shoppy Dashboard:

In-app, users will see the title and description that you set, and will also have a text box to insert their email into. Once users select "I accept the Privacy Policy" and click "Subscribe", they will be added to your Newsletter Subscription. Here's how the users will see this:

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