SoBooster - Ultimate Search & Filter

By integrating the Ultimate Search & Filter by SoBooster, app you can add an eye-catching filter view to your Shoppy app and increase the likelihood that your users will find the products they're looking for.

To set up the SoBooster integration - Ultimate Search & Filter on Shoppy, you will need the API Domain and API Key.

These are the steps to obtain them, described in the details here.

Open the search page on your store and once you have downloaded the SoBooster app on your theme, open the browser development tool and click on the XHR tab. You should find a request like this: The domain displayed will be the field to be entered in the API Domain field, and the API Key parameter should be entered into the API Key field.

In this case the API Domain is while the API Key is c811efb1-f10b-482c-b3d7-0f49f7c30f3e.

Insert these fields in the Shoppy Dashboard by going to the Integrations tab and enabling the integration with SoBooster.

In the popup that appears, paste or type in the API Domain and API Key you just found.

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