Optimize Searches for your app with Algolia

To ensure that your Shoppy app's search is optimized, it's recommended that you perform a simple operation from the Algolia dashboard.

Go to Indexes -> shoppy_products -> Configuration Select Deduplication and grouping in the bar on the right

In the "Distinct" section, select "True" from the dropdown, and in the "Attribute for Distinct" Section, select the ID value.

Click "Review and Save Settings" in the bottom left area, so that a prompt will appear. In the prompt, activate the "Copy these settings to other indices and/or replicas" and select the "To all replicas of "shoppy_products" option." Click "Save Settings" to activate the Algolia x Shoppy to configuration.

Create the Query Suggestions Index

From the main Algolia dashboard, go to the "Query Suggestions" section and click on the "New Query Suggestions Index".

In the source index field, enter shoppy_products and in the name field enter shoppy_products_query_suggestions

Click on the "Accept and Continue" button.

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