Shoppy Mobile App Builder

Once Shoppy is installed, you will be able to see it in the "Sales Channels" section on the left side of the Shopify dashboard.
Shoppy is divided into 5 main sections, each of which allows you to configure a specific aspect of your mobile app.
In the Overview section, you will find a checklist of tasks that you must complete in order to publish your fantastic app! You will guided through each step, and our team is available to help you in case you get stuck.
App Builder
​The App Builder section is for customizing the style and content of your app. Here, you can insert your brand logos and colors, select collections or products to showcase on the homepage, and set up the navigation menu for your catalogue.
In the Engage section you can create campaigns to boost customer engagement. You have the option to create push notifications and/or in-app messages (messages that appear within the app itself) to inform your users of new promotions, or that a collection is back in stock.
In the News section, you can manage the news section on your app and decide which news will be displayed for your customers on the app.
In the Integrations section you can activate and configure the integrations that Shoppy has to offer, including Algolia, Growave, chat support (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, LiveChat), Firebase and Facebook Analytics.
The Settings section contains the general settings for your Shoppy app, Shoppy account, and Shoppy plan of choice. It also holds the information that Shoppy needs from you in order to launch your app on iOS and Adroid Stores.