Within the Engage section, you can send push notifications to your customers in order to involve them more with your brand and create your own community.

From the Insights Section at the top of Engage, you can see the following information about all of the push notifications you have sent:

  • Your number of push notification subscribers

  • The number of push notifications that you have sent out

  • The number of times your push notifications have been clicked

  • Your click through rate for your push notifications

There are three types of push notifications that you can send, Standard Notifications, or Flow Notifications(Bloom Plan Only), or Back in Stock Notifications.

Once you enter the Engage section you will find a list of all push notifications sent via Shoppy. Under each type of notification, you will see the following:

  • All: all notifications

  • Sent: sent push notifications

  • Scheduled: push notifications scheduled but not sent yet

For each notification, you can see:

  • How many users the notification was sent to, how many users clicked on the push, and the click through rate

  • The content of the push notification

  • The date the notification was sent, or when it is scheduled to be sent

  • The status of the push notification, which have already been sent and which are scheduled to be sent in the future

  • Insights of the notifications: the number of notifications sent and the number of users who tapped on it

Click on Add Push Notification to create a push notification.

You may add a title, message, image, and link destination for Push and Flow notifications.

Link destinations can lead users to a Collection, Custom URL, Pages, Cart, or Product once they tap on your notification.

Push notifications are sent at the time based on the time set in your Shopify Store. You can view or edit the timezone by going in your Shoppy Dashboard to "Settings", then clicking "Account". Click here to see more.

Here's a tip: If you're having trouble writing the content of your push notification, once you click "Add" to begin a new push, click on the "Generate with AI" text for some extra help! Just tell our artificial intelligence software what your push should be about, and we'll help you find the right words.

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