Get Started

Setting up a Developer Page is super simple! Follow these steps below to see how it's done.

  1. Log into your Shopify account using your information.

  2. Navigate to the 'Pages' section within the Shoppy dashboard and select 'Add page'.

  1. Choose an appealing title and icon that represents your Developer Page, like "My Beautiful Developer Page"

  2. Under 'Type', select 'Developer Page'

  1. Now we can focus on the main strength of developer pages; using URLs it is possible to access different types of dynamic values related to your Shopify Clients that are navigating your developer page inside the app. In the 'Query' field, enter the base URL where the page will be hosted, such as Below the 'Query' field, you'll find the 'Key' and 'Value' fields. Here, you can add dynamic variables like id, email, name, and surname. As you input these, the corresponding template tags ({{user_id}}, {{user_email}}, {{user_first_name}}, {{user_last_name}}) will be automatically appended to your base URL as GET parameters.

Once you save your settings, the Developer Page within the app will direct users to a URL that looks like this:{{user_id}}&email={{user_email}}&name={{user_first_name}}&surname={{user_last_name}}

When a user accesses this page, their unique information will replace the template tags, personalizing the page to their profile.

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