Developer Pages

This features is currently in beta, and your insights could play a crucial role in its development. For exclusive beta access and the opportunity to shape its future, join our slack channel. Your feedback will be invaluable in refining this exciting new feature.

The new Developer Pages introduced by Shoppy is a huge leap forward in the world of Shopify that allows store owners and developers flexibility never seen before.

With the ability to integrate these Developer Pages directly into the navigation bar menu of their app, versatility becomes a key feature, allowing users to tailor the browsing experience to their needs. Customization is taken to the next level, enabling merchants to integrate any tool within their Developer Pages. This highly personalized approach not only promotes greater visual consistency as the page can be customized 100% through code but also allows providing access to numerous tools to their customers.

In summary, Developer Pages signify a new frontier in optimizing Shopify's functionalities, putting adaptability, customization, and effectiveness at the forefront to enhance user experience and boost business performance.

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