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Welcome to Shoppy's Partner and Affiliate Program! This initiative empowers E-commerce Agencies to effortlessly transform their clients' Shopify stores into robust and customized mobile apps. By joining forces with Shoppy, you have the opportunity to offer a reliable mobile solution to your clients, aiding in enhancing their customer retention and life-time value.


Shoppy provides marketing tools, insights, and ongoing support to assist agencies in communicating the added value of mobile apps to their clients. Moreover, as partners, you will gain access to exclusive benefits such as an extended free trial period and a revenue share model through the affiliate program.

Partnering with Shoppy represents a unique opportunity for growth and collaboration, with a dedicated team that will accompany you through all phases of the journey, from onboarding to app release

How to join

  1. Visit your dashboard and join the program "Shoppy - mobile app builder"

  2. Use your link to register your clients

When you or any of your publishers enter a store's domain (e.g., or, they are instantly redirected to the Shopify installation process. This process installs the app on the merchant's store, and the merchant is attributed and confirmed within the next hour.

Track your referrals

In order to keep track of your referrals and their value, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the "My Referrals" section on the platform.

  2. Upon clicking, you will be presented with a list of activated referrals along with their respective values.

This section allows you to have a clear overview of your referral activities, helping you to understand the impact and the benefits stemming from your partnership with Shoppy.

Receiving Payments

As a partner, you have the flexibility to choose how you receive payments - either via PayPal or invoice. You can manage these options from the "Payout" section under Settings. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the "Settings" menu on the platform.

  2. Select the "Payout" option.

  3. Here, you can specify your preferred method of payment, be it PayPal or invoice.

This feature ensures a seamless payment process, aligning with your convenience and business operations.

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