With the Text Widget, you can insert your own custom text for your shoppers to see as they scroll through your app.

To insert text, start from your Shoppy Dashboard, then go to App Builder > Home Page > + Add Widget and select "Text".

From there you can click "Customize" to change the design of the text, and even insert text in more than one language.

You can click on "Appearance" to click on the text color and change it by clicking on the colored box. You can select a color using the slider that appears, or insert your own specific color to perfectly match your brand by typing it in the text box above "Hex".

You can choose between Center or Left alignment, the choice is yours! There are also three different font sizes and weights to choose from, so pick the one that best suits your needs.

Finally, you can click "Margins" to either choose between one of the three default or "preset" margins; small, medium, or large. Or, you. may insert your own Custom margin width to personalize the amount of blank space you'd like on the sides of your text widget.

See our example here of how you can use the Text widget to share important information with your users:

Watch this tutorial to see how to insert text on your Shoppy App:

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