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Flow Notifications

*Flow Notifications are available on Bloom Plan only


Available only on Bloom Plan
Flow notifications allow you to send notifications to users based on a trigger (an action) completed by the user.
There are 4 types of flow notifications:
  • Welcome Message trigger is set by users downloading your Shoppy app for the first time on their device.
  • Abandoned Cart is enacted by a user that adds an item to their cart, but leaves your app before continuing to checkout.
  • Abandoned Checkout is caused by users that add items to their cart, begin the checkout process, but leave the app before completing it.
  • Churn Rate Reduction is sent to users that do not open your app for a specific amount of time that you set.
Once setting up a flow notification, you will no longer be able to edit it, however you can delete it and create a new one.


Under each flow notification, you can set a "delay" of a specific amount of hours or days. There are a total of 5 messages that can be sent for each flow. The first notification can be set for X amount of time after the user has done a trigger. The second notification can be set for X amount of time after the previous message was sent, and so on until all notifications in the flow have been sent.
See how to set up a flow notification on your Shoppy Dashboard by following the example below: