Back in Stock Notifications

Available Only for Grow & Bloom Plans

How to Create & Use a Back in Stock Notification

You can create a push notification exclusively to send your users notifications when a product that they've requested has become back in stock!

To create this notification, simply go to your Shoppy Dashboard> Engage > Back in stock. From there, select the "Actions" button on the right. Once the form pops up, you can insert the title and description for the notification.

In the app, when a product is out of stock, users will see "Notify Me" instead of "Add to Cart" on the product that is out of stock.

Once you have the product back in stock and insert a value above 0 for the inventory for that product on Shopify, Shoppy will send out a notification to all users who clicked "Notify Me" for that corresponding product.


A list of each item with it's name, variant (size, color, etc), and insights are kept track of on your dashboard. You can see the "Current Requests", which are the requetss that have been made for a product since it's inventory has been 0. This counter will reset once the product comes back in stock.

You also can see the "All Time Requests", which counts all of the requests ever made from that product. This value only goes away if you click on the "Remove" button next to the item.

Note that this feature is not available if you select "Hide out of stock" products from Settings

Watch our Tutorial to see how to set it up on your Shoppy Dashboard:

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