Circular Collections Carousel

As its name suggestions, the Circular Collections Carousel is a variation of the Collections Carousel, just in a different format. You can insert both types of Collection Carousels to create a more interesting look for your mobile app.

Inserting a Circular Collections Carousel is simple, and can be done by following these steps; from your Shoppy Dashboard go to App Builder > Home Page > + Add Widget and select "Circular Collections Carousel".

Once added, you can click on +Add collection to add the collections of your choice to be displayed on your homepage. By clicking on Actions, you can click Customize, Publish, or Remove to delete your widget.

You can customize your widget's design by inserting a title, or by choosing to hide or show the title text. You can also choose whether to have a border, and either choose from one of the preset lateral and internal margins or customize them yourself! See how ours looks in app:

You can choose to publish (show in) or hide your widget in specific markets. To show the widget in a market, click "Show in" under Markets, then select the regions or countries of your choose from the drop down menu. Click "Hide in" under Markets, then select the areas where your widget should not be shown to only hide the widget from one or more locations of your choice.

You may also schedule when your widgets should appear and disappear by clicking the toggle next to "Schedule". From there, you can select the start date and time from the calendar, then click "Apply". Do the same for the end date, and make sure to save your changes!

Please note that widgets' timezone release are based on the timezone of your Shoppy Dashboard.

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