Shoppy utilizes Algolia to allow users to filter products on collection pages. Here's what you need to do to enable this feature on your shop.

Set up Algolia for your Shoppy app

Install the Agolia app in your Shoppy store

From the app section of your Shopify go to Shopify App Store and search for the app Algolia Search and Discovery, or click on this link.

Click on "Add App" to add the app to your store.

Create your Algolia account

Once you've added the application, you can log in or create an account if you don't have one yet.

Shoppy uses Algolia's "Collection Page" feature available in the Standard Plan.

Set up the Algolia app in your store.

Once you've created your account, go to the API Keys sevtion and copy teh Application ID, Search API Key, and Private Admin API Key into the "Credentials" block. Enter "shoppy_" into the "Indexes Prefix" field.

By clicking "Save", Algolia can index all of your products and collections.

Enable Collection Pages

Enable collections pages with the switch In the Collections Pages of the Algolia app on Shopify.

If you are unable to see the Algolia connection page on your store, change the CSS Selector field to a value other than main.css.

In the field "Sort Orders", add the following entries:

  • Most popular

  • Cheapest first

  • Newest first

  • Oldest first

  • Name

  • Most expensive first

  • Name Z-A

After doing this, click "Save".

Index Named Tags (optional)

Named tags are special tags that you can attach to products, which have a name in addition to a value. This way, you can group products by tag type.

To add a named tag, add a tag in this format: NAME:VALUE. For example: the name could be "Item Type" and the values could be the various types/categories of items in your store.

To activate named tags, go to the "Indexing" tab, select "Index Named Tags" and press "Save".

To learn more about named tags visit the Algolia documentation page.

Insert the keys for Algolia on Shoppy

Now all you have to do is connect Algolia to Shoppy. To do this, open Shoppy's "Integration" tab and enable Algolia integration with the "Enable" button.

In the popup that appears, insert your Application ID (Algolia ID) and the Search API Key (Algolia Key) found on the Algolia dashboard in the API Keys section.

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