With ShippyPro integration, you will be able to display order tracking information directly on the app. Your users will also be able to receive a push notification when order shipping information is updated.

Create the API Key

To set up ShipyPro you will need an API Key. To do this go to the ShippyPro dashboard, in the right-hand menu select Integrations & APIs -> APIs. In the API Keys section Click on "+ Add Key", a new API Key will be created.

Copy the API Key you just created and enter it on Shoppy by going to Integrations -> ShippyPro -> Enable. Enter the API Key in the API Key field of the popup that appears and click Save.

Push Notifications

To enable push notifications you will need to configure a webhook in the ShippyPro dashboard. Open the integration settings and copy the Webhook field.

Now go to the ShippyPro dashboard and in the right-hand menu select Integrations & API -> API. In the Webhook section click on "+ Add Webhook."

In the Webhook Url field enter the text you just copied from the Shoppy dashboard and in the Webhook Events field select "Tracking Update."

That's it, click Save Webhook and you will have everything configured to have users receive push notifications of updates for orders.

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