In every Shoppy app, there is a News section where you can place ads or communications for your customers to see. News items are sorted in the app by date of entry; the last one entered will be the first one seen in the list.

To insert a news item, go to the News tab in the Shoppy dashboard and click on the button Add News.

Each news item is composed of:

  • A title

  • An image

  • The content of the news, which can be formatted with a user-friendly text editor.

  • A link and a link label (both are option). If you insert the link within the news item, a button will appear that will take the user to inserted web page. If you also insert the link label, the button will have the inserted label as text.

  • You will also be able to enter a list of categories, which will be displayed in the app as tags, so that you can sort the news into categories of your preference.

Once the news is entered it will appear in the news list in the News tab of the Shoppy dasbhoard. From here, you can edit the News or delete it with the Actions button.


You can decide whether to publish a news item immediately, schedule it to be published on a specific date and time, or save ite it as a draft to be published later.

To do this, utilize the Status section when creating or modifying a news item. You have 3 possible options from here:

  • Published: the news will be published immediately upon saving.

  • Scheduled: the news will be published at the entered date and time.

  • Draft: the news will not be published. You will have to change its status later to make it appear in the app.

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