In this section you can choose the collections that will be displayed in the second tab of your Shoppy app. On the right you can see a preview of how they will be displayed in the app.

You can add a new collection by clicking the Add Collection button.

You can drag and drop collections with the icon on the right to change their order and to organize their order. If you do not want a collection to appear in the list, it can be deleted by going Edit -> Remove.

See the tutorial below:


You can now subdivide your collections into up to three macro categories visible in the tab bar, so you can navigate between catalogs with ease and speed. Create these different sections by clicking the Add Catalogue button. You can then add collections underneath each Catalogue to differentiate your product categories.

Catalogue customizations

Click on Actions -> Customize Widget to customize the collections in your app's menu:

  • By clicking on Use another Image you can choose another image to upload to be used in your Shoppy app in place of the collection image on Shopify.

  • In the Aspect Ration section you can choose the aspect ratio of the collection image of 3:2, 1:1, or 16:9.

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