App Behavior

Cart Layout Behavior Options & Add to Cart

In this section, Shoppy Store Owners are able to determine the cart behaviour. There are 2 options available - Only Banner and Cart Redirect. Only Banner is the default Shoppy behavior. If it's desired to change to Cart Redirect, the Shoppy Store Owner must have a Grow or Bloom Plan.

Cart Layout behavior is found by following these steps:

Settings > App Settings > Behaviours > Cart Layout Behaviour Options.

Here is an example of what it looks like on the app when the 'Only Banner' setting is enabled. You can see that when the user clicks on the product, they are taken to the 'Product Page' where they can see a larger image of the item, its price, select a size, and click 'Buy'. Once the user clicks 'Buy', a banner appears 'Product added to cart'. Here is the in-app view how this default setting behaves:

Users with a Grow or Bloom plan have the option to alter their cart layout options in settings, and can choose to either keep the default 'Only Banner' setting, or to change to the 'Cart Redirect' Setting by going to Settings > App Settings > Cart layout behaviour options and enabling 'Cart Redirect'. See the video below to watch how it's done on the Shoppy Dashboard:

When Cart Redirect is enabled, once users click on the product (the image of the product itself, not the 'Buy Now' button; go to the 'Quick Purchase' instructions to read more about this button), the user is taken to the 'Product Page' where they see an enlarged image of the product, its price, and an ability to select a size. Once the user clicks on 'Buy', the user is directed to their cart. The result of this combination of settings is the same as in the video shown above. Here is the in-app view:

First Opening Screen

You can choose which screen the user will view first when your app is opened. You can decide whether to show users the Login Screen or the Homepage Screen.

  • Login Screen: the first screen shown to users is the login page.

  • Homepage: the first screen shown to users is the homepage of your app.

Mobile App Review Popup

In this section, you can either Enable or Disable a popup to appear on your mobile app, asking users how they're enjoying their experience. You can find this setting by going on your Shoppy Dashboard to Settings > App Settings > Mobile App Review Popup. By clicking "Enable" next to "Mobile App Review Popup", you can set the following settings on the popups:

  • How many days after installation should it be shown?

  • After at least how many app openings should it be shown?

  • How many days must pass before the popup can be shown again?

Mobile App Reviews are always subject to the rules of the online store in which they are uploaded on, meaning the Apple Store on Google Play Store. Keep in mind that the Dashboard settings inserted in this section are still subject to those rules, and are reviewed by the SDK of each respective store before they are sent to the user.

You can read about how Apple Store reviews work here:

You can read about how Google Play Store reviews work here:

Notification Center

Toggling this option will hide the notification center from the app, because it is already activated by default. The 'Notification Center' area on the user's profile page will then disappear, but this does not prevent the user from receiving push notifications.

Here is what it looks like when the Notification Center is set to "Show":

When the Notification Center is set to "Hide", it is not longer visible in the profile area of the app:

Activating this option will show related or recommended products within the product page. Related products are automatically selected by Shopify based on purchases and user behaviour in your shop. You can see more information about how related products are chosen here.

Complementary Products

Oftentimes your customer needs a suggestion, with this update you will become the personal shopper for all your customers: suggest different products that could complete your customerโ€™s final purchase!

Complementary products will be presented

  • On the Product Detail Page users will see similar or recommended products to the one they are viewing

  • On the Check Out Page, when the cart contents are summarized users will be presented with similar products that could interest them, and can swipe to see more.

In order to take advantage of this integration, you must have enabled the Search and Discovery app on your Shopify Store.

In order to add complementary products, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Integrations and scroll to 'Shopify Search and Discovery'. Click Enable.

  2. Go to Settings > App Settings, and Enable Complementary Products.

  3. At the top of your Admin Dashboard, there is a search bar. Type in 'Search and Discovery'. The Search and Discovery app will now appear on the bottom left corner of the Dashboard menu, under the Apps heading.

  4. Select 'Recommendations' to be taken to the Product Recommendations page of the Search and Discovery app.

  5. From the main page, you can see your existing Products, Complementary Products, and Related Products. Click 'Add Recommendation' to go to the Customize Product Recommendations Page.

  6. Use the search bar underneath 'Select Product' to select the product that you'd like to link a recommendation to. Type in the name of the product and click on the correct product, then select 'Add'.

  7. In the search bar underneath the 'Add Complementary Products' heading, search for products that you want to be associated with the product above. Type in the name of the product and click on the correct product, then select 'Add'.

  8. Click 'Save' to register your changes.

Quick Purchase

A customized button can be added to the catalogue page of all items with a call to action for users to click on. Once clicked, users will be directed to the "Buy" page where they can see an overview of items in their cart and proceed to checkout.

You can enable Quick purchase by navigating to Settings> App Settings > Quick Purchase > Enable

After clicking "Enable", you will be able to customize the call to action, and select a button color to appear. Keep reading below to discover how this Quick Purchase Button appears in-app. Note: Quick Purchase is enabled by Shoppy by default.

Follow this tutorial to see how it's done on the Shoppy Dashboard:

Here is how the Quick Purchase Button appears in-app:

Hide Out-Of-Stock Products

Out-of-Stock Products on Shoppy are synced with your Shopify store. A product that is out of stock shows as unavailable when clicked by default. Here is how out-of-stock products appear in-app by default:

However, if you choose to Hide Out-of-Stock Products, the products no longer appear in the app at all for users, and are 'hidden' from the app, and won't appear when searched. This can be done by going on your Shoppy Dashboard to Settings > App Settings > Hide Out-of-stock-product, and click 'Enable'. This will ensure that products with 0 items in stock don't appear to users.

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