Check-out options

Activate In-Store Pickup

By activating in-store pickup, the user will be taken directly to Shopify's checkout screen, where they can choose whether to have their order shipped home or picked up in-store.

Here is the way the checkout flow can be altered by enabling or disabling β€œActivate in-store pickup” in Settings > App Settings > Activate in-store pickup.

In-app view when in-store pickup is enabled:

The user sees a summary page that includes a view of items in the user’s cart, and a CTA to insert a promo code. Once the user clicks 'Proceed', they are taken to step 1 of the checkout flow, 'Information', then continue through step 2, 'Shipping, and Step 3 'Payment'.

When the user is Logged In and in-store pickup is disabled:

The user sees a summary page where they can see a summary of items in their cart, a call to action to insert a promo code, their pre-saved Shipping information displayed, an ability to change their shipping type (ex: Standard, Express). Once users click β€œProceed”, they are taken immediately to step 3 of the checkout flow, 'Payment'.

Optional Account Checkout

In this section you can choose whether to enable or disable guest checkout. By enabling it, users will be able to checkout even without logging in, otherwise they will have to register an account in order to checkout.


Enabling this option will give users the ability to enter notes for a checkout.

GDPR Compliance

Activating this open will require users to accept the store's Terms and Conditions (configured on Shopify) in order to checkout and register a new account.

  • A checkbox will appear on the registration screen that users must accept to register.

  • A checkbox will appear on the checkout screen that users will have to accept to complete the order.

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