Hide Shoppy Watermark

In this section you can decide to hide the Shoppy watermark that appears on the splash page and in the application Settings view.

Push Notification Prompt-In

To improve the activation rate of your notifications, we have added the ability to customize the content of the prompt-in that the users must consent to upon downloading your app. This way, you can choose the right words and phrases based on your target audience.

In order to customize this in your app, on your Shoppy Dashboard go to Settings > App Settings > Push notification prompt-it and click 'Customize'.

You can change the title and text description of the push notification. You can insert text content here for different language settings of the app if you have Multi Country activated (Bloom plan only). Click 'Save' to register your changes.

Here is what it looks like in-app upon first opening:

Newsletter Subscription

If you would like to prompt users to subscribe to your newsletter, you can enable this feature here. Click "Enable", then "Customize" to select the text you'd like to appear on the subscription checkbox label. For more information about newsletter subscriptions, read here.

My Team: Push Notification Testing

To test push notifications and ensure that they are working correctly, you can add team members' email address to test push notifications on a specific device. Make sure to insert the email address associated with the Shoppy account, and to be logged into that account on the test device for the best results. This functionality is only available for the Bloom plan.

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