Payment Methods

Shopify Payment Methods

Shoppy offers, as per Shopify policy, web check-out, so it inherits in real time all of the payment methods you have set up on your Shopify Store, and stays up-to-date with them in real time. The payment methods that you have activated on your Shopify Store will be present on the third step of the Shoppy app checkout, "Payment". See the example below of where payment methods from Shopify show up on your Shoppy App during Checkout:

Additional Payment Methods

You can choose which payment methods to activate on your Shoppy app to be visibile in ares of the app other than the "Payment" view in checkout. On your Shoppy Dashboard, go to Settings > App Settings > Payments and click on Apple Pay, Klarna, or Scalapay.

By clicking on 'Customize' on Klarna or Scalapay, you have options on where where you would like them to be present in the app; on the product page, cart, and checkout, or another setup.

*Apple Pay, by default, is set to show on the product page and checkout.

Here is an example of Payment Settings on the Shoppy Dashboard and how those settings appear in-app:

Apple Pay

You can now choose to Accept Apple Pay as a form of payment on your Shoppy Store, creating a smoother checkout experience for customers. Here's how it appears in-app when activated:

Klarna and Scalapay

Activate Klarna and Scalapay and remind your customers about the instalment plan option at key touchpoints during their shopping experience. This option is now displayed in the product page, shopping cart, and checkout. This feature automatically calculates the amount of each instalment.

The banner design in Shoppy strictly follows the graphic and policy guidelines provided by Klarna and Scalapay, so the banners are not modifiable from your admin dashboard.

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