Shoppy User Guide (EN)
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Product Page

From the Product Page area of your Shoppy Dashboard you can customize various aspects of what your app users will see once they click on a product in your Shoppy app. Keep reading to learn about how you can enable and customize your Buy Button, Vendor, Metafields, Related Products, Complementary Products, and Hide out of Stock Products options.

Buy Button

Click 'Enable', then in the pop up that appears, insert text to customize the call to action button. This button will lead users to check out, so think of copy that would help encourage users to make a purchase!


Click 'Enable', then in the pop up that appears you can choose where you would like to show the vendor name on your app. You can choose to show it on the product page (of an individual product), product list (show on pages that show multiple products), and in the cart. Select the option that best suits your needs. Vendor names are set up on Shopify under products. Use the same vendor names on Shoppy that you have on Shopify to ensure that the vendor information appears in-app.


Click 'Enable' then in the pop up that appears. From there, you can customize metafields by clicking 'Add Metafield'. You will see a list that allows you to select a metafield, or you can search one. These metafields will be shown on your Shoppy app product pages.
Please keep in mind that you must set these metafields up on Shopify (under products) and use the same titles in Shoppy in order for them to show up in app. You can do this on Shopify by going to Settings > Custom Data.
Make sure that you also go within the products section of your Shopify and that your products are assigned metafields as you wish. Information on metafields that is present on your Shopify app will be also taken from Shoppy. The following metafields are compatible with Shoppy:
  • URL
  • One Product
  • List of Products
  • Color
  • List of Colors
  • Single Line Text
  • Multi-Line Text
  • File
  • List of Files

Related Products

Simply Click 'Enable' to activate this feature. If you have set up products to be related on Shopify (under Products), they now will be suggested to users. If product A and B are set as related on Shopify, when an app user looks at product A, they will see related products below, and B will be listed as an ideal product for them to view as they are shopping through your catalogues or homepage.

Complementary Products

Simply click 'Enable' to activate this feature. Complementary products are similar to Related Products, except they are shown in the products detail page and the cart. This means that once a user already clicks on a product to see it's image, description, and sizes (if available), they will be shown products that are a "match". In the cart, users will be given the option to add complementary products to their cart. Note that Complementary Products are set up on the Shopify Search & Discovery app. Complementary Products on Shoppy will be configured in the same way they are on Shopify.

Hide Out of Stock Product

Click 'Enable' to activate this feature. Products that are marked as out of stock on your Shopify Store will be marked the same way on your Shoppy app when this is enabled. This will prevent out of stock products from being shown to your Shoppy app users as they scroll for products to buy, creating a smoother shopping experience.